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Travel & Tourism

Hiking Route
A walk that we highly recommend to those interested in combining their holidays with walking excursions is the one beginning in Parikia and ending on the tip of cape Aghios Fokas –covering a distance of 6 kilometers. […]

About half way there, just before you reach Krios camping site, you will find the remains of an arched edifice measuring 23 meters in length and 8.40 metres in width, the façade of which has collapsed. On the eastern side of the building you can discern a sort of a stage comprising nine marble seats that come from the ancient voting assembly of Paros. The building was probably used as a conservatory or nymphaeum (a sanctuary consecrated to the nymphs) in antiquity or otherwise was a villa during Roman times.

On top of the hill situated directly above Krios lie the remains of a temple dedicated to Delios Apollon and Artemis which was erected in the 9th-8th centuries BC. Inside the temple the faithful would make votive offerings to the statues of Artemis and Apollon. Today the statue of Artemis is on display in the archaeological museum of Parikia. It is one of the few statues of its kind that have been passed down to us from antiquity. The statue (an archaic kore) is 3.10 metres tall (together with its base) and consists of 41 marble pieces. It dates from 490-480 BC. Unfortunately the statue of her brother Apollo has not been recovered.
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Explore the Island on Motorbike
Paros is an island to suit all tastes with a variety of sights and destinations to explore. You can easily rent a motorbike or quad and drive to some beautiful places around the island not accessible by public transportation, like Kalogeros or “Clay Beach”. Here, you can use clay from the rocks around the beach to have your own cleansing spa and then wash off in the sea! A short uphill drive takes you to the top of Kefalos hill with the 17th century monastery of Agios Antonios and amazing 360° views over the whole area. Moving north, follow the shoreline passing from the sandy beach of Molos all the way to the secluded beach of Tsoukalia, via a dirt road ideal for a buggy. It’s great fun making spontaneous stops for a quick swim throughout this route.
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Nightlife in Parikia
As a holiday destination, its capital Parikia easily caters to all tastes and offers the visitor who enjoys “the night life” the opportunity to spend their holiday without ever getting bored.

The cafes and restaurants along Parikia’s seafront give the impression of being a family destination, but don’t be mislead! At Saloon D’Or, one of the oldest bars in Parikia, start off with a relaxing afternoon cocktail before moving onto shots.
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Hotel Restaurant
Anna loves cooking!
Your host, Anna Vlachogianni grew up in Drios and even as a child she loved cooking. She later finished school and went on to study but very soon quit, because she wanted to open a restaurant and pursue her real passion, the art of cooking.

Anna’s restaurant is in the center of Drios, on the main road opposite the Bus Stop, in other words just 80m away from your accommodation.

At Anna’s Restaurant you can enjoy freshly made Greek dishes and local specialities that she prepares as a surprise.

All her fresh products are local, actually as local as you can get, since all fruits and grocery come from her family farm straight to your table. At Anna’s restaurant you can enjoy not only her family’s fruits and vegetables, but also their excellent wine and delicious cheese.
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Sports & Nature

Water Springs at a Small Village
The name Drios is first referred to in the maps of 17th century travelers. At the end of the 19th century until the middle of the 20th century, the area was inhabited by people of the neighbouring village of Marpissa, they had their country houses where they worked the land and kept their livestock. In 1991 Drios had just 120 inhabitants. Even today Drios is called by many locals “Drios” which originates from “Trios” which in Paros & Naxos dialect means mill, watermill, factory, derived from the noun “friction” from the verb “to rub”. Next to today’s Drios beach, there is still a source where it is very likely that there was a water mill for grain or an oil mill.

Drios is renowned for its waters. If you ask any of the locals, (or in general Parians) they will tell you that the water of Drios is clean, drinkable and is abundant. The older locals still remember the time when they watered collectively. There were communal water channels that penetrated all the fields with crops around the clock. “And if it happened that the water came by your way at night, then you watered at night, I remember as a child we would get up at 2 and 3 in the morning, as the water came to our fields for us to water.“ recalls Mr Nikos, a local resident.

A magical summer stroll through nature is the ascent of Kavouropotamos river, which begins at Pyrgaki and ends at the mountainous agricultural region of Lagada.

In an 18th century publication, says that the Turkish fleet was often anchored in Drios Bay (like many others throughout the centuries, because of the protection it provided from the north wind). At one of the water sources, the Turks built tanks to wash and the remaining water that came from ditches lead to the sea to replenish the ships through the so called “hoses”.
The region’s fertile soil is due to the groundwater, rather than rainwater. 15th century testimony states “It rains a little, and the cotton, vines and fig trees will wither without the abundant dew”.

Perhaps it was the running water, rather than the natural anchorage, which made the region habitable from the Bronze Age, from 2800 BC. Today, few remains of prehistoric settlements can be found in Pirgaki, next to the modern day Port of Drios and on Drionisi overlooking the bay.
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The first wind surf station in Golden Beach – which was also the first one in Paros – opened in 1984. Since then, many RSX champions have been training here, including the Olympic champion Nikos Kaklamanakis and the Greek National Windsurf Team which practises in the area for some time every year. Golden Beach hosts various International wind surf races and Slalom events throughout the summer.

Due to the Mediterranean climate, you can surf here all year round, while the windsurf stations are open from April to October. In extreme weather conditions, it is always easier to windsurf in the bay area, making winter surf accessible to less advanced athletes. The surf stations at Golden Beach area offer in total 4 rescue boats, advanced material available for rent, highly skilled & multi-language instructors.
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Nestling in the heart of the Cyclades, at the crossroads of ancient maritime routes linking mainland Greece to Asia Minor, Paros is the perfect setting for scuba diving and snorkeling, where novice and more advanced divers have the chance to look at the marine life of the Mediterranean and also to witness history.. underwater!
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Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros
The Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros is located at the northern end of the bay of Naoussa, about 6km from Pandora Rooms. It is the first of its kind in the Cyclades, and a quite original project in the whole of Greece. The area of the Park is an 800.000m² peninsula which, since 2009, has been declared as a protected area, due to its historical, cultural and natural importance, so that it also stays untouched from any building or other similar activity that would deteriorate the place.
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Natural & Cultural Treasures of the Aegean
On the evening of August 11th, a fascinating lecture took place at the premises of the “Friends of Drios” society in Drios. Entitled “Natural & Cultural Treasures of the Aegean” the lecture was given by Peter Nicolaides, marine biologist, archaeologist, coastal engineer, commercial diver and director of the Aegean Institute of marine studies.

Through the projection of unique underwater and aerial photographs and scientific charts, Peter referred to a varied range of surprising historical, biological and geological facts about the sea and coastal areas of Paros, Antiparos, Despotiko and other smaller islands, which may very well provide the foundation for a new type of year-round, quality, sustainable and profitable tourism for our island, the so-called “academic tourism”.
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Walking Routes – Mapping
Among the informal walkers on the island, a long-awaited project may finally be realised, that of mapping the walking routes of Paros. The plan is simple, immediate and easy, and aims to facilitate those who are keen on walking and hiking to easily access route information, and also to promote walks in nature as a hobby and to attract walking tourism to the island.
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Audio Visual Design

Pentagon Transitions Analog To Digital
When dealing with the government, many usual installation practices take a whole new perspective. Here is an example of an analog to digital upgrade of the video infrastructure in a top security area of the Pentagon.

Upgrading an analog video teleconference system to a modern digital fiber-based installation might seem fairly straightforward, but when the client is the US Department of Defense and the location is the Pentagon itself, and the role of the system is nothing less than the backup should the Pentagon ever be disabled or go offline, things are very different, indeed.

And this is what Chris Lavery and I undertook recently: a mission-critical project planned in every detail and executed in a mere 11 days!

Just working in such a secure environment presents extraordinary complications. The project presented myriad challenges, some of which we were accustomed to and some of which were completely novel. These projects are always difficult because of the security and space restrictions. Not all of our contractors are cleared and some require an escort. Coordinating that can prove tricky, especially on larger projects requiring the customer to free up resources that may have responsibilities that need to be met during the work day.
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Lighting design today: The thrill of the unexpected and sorting it all out
For Max, successful lighting design is always trying to do something original and different; “certainly with music artists it’s to stretch the expectations people have of the artist and create an environment for the audience and for the artist as well. I think this is as important, probably more important these days, to have a good production design. People’s expectations when going to a concert are so much higher than before as far as sound and general quality of the design. It’s a challenge to always try to do something original and different. People do have very high standards and you’ve always got to try raising that bar of expectations, and also doing what is right for the artist.”
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Designing the Voletarium Flying Theater
The construction work for the Voletarium started in September 2016 and had to be completed in just 9 months, before the next season opening of the park. “As the AV system integrator, we were involved from the very beginning. There was certainly a clear plan in place of what the attraction will be. Generally, there was a long decision process with many meetings when looking back. To allow for the latest technology to be installed, the selection was made rather late in the planning process, resulting in a quite tight schedule for the AV installation”, says Gellermann. “One of the challenges was to work with the 3D model data that we received from the architects as they were extremely complex. We pretty much reached the limitations and system boundaries in the planning.”
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Getting it right – AV in the project from day #1 in new Church facilityProvision Audio Video Solutions has been working with Richland Creek Community Church for about 5 years, when the church decided to make a new facility adjoined to the main 15 year-old worship building. Company’s core AV designer Justin Linville and manager John Linden follow this project since its early stages of architectural design. They got involved in the early design planning, helping to literally shape the design of the room, and assisted the church in choosing systems and gear and use resources in an effective way.

Justin says: “The original architectural plan was basically a big rectangular box for a worship space. To make this more acoustically stable we needed to change the architecture a bit and add some features. The main worship center has a seating allocation of about 2500 people. This venue has some unique requirements and some particular ways this church likes to do things like distributing remote audio and video feeds in different parts of the building and pipe the live service audio out to the parking lot for the greeters who stand out there.”
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